Distance Learning Courses in Graphology in Bangalore

Location : karnataka >> bangalore
Posted on : Mar 17,2012

Graphology Part I

1.  What is Graphology
2.  History of Graphology
3.  Words commonly used in graphology
4.  The Basic Principle of Graphology
5.  Can graphology really benefit a learner
6.  Slant of Handwriting
7.  The Significance of Layout
8.   Division of Handwriting
9.   Script Size
10.  Speed of Handwriting
11.  Hooks and Strokes
12.  Connecting strokes
13.  Connection and Disconnection
14.  Connective Forms
15.  Form level of Handwriting
16.  Pressure in Handwriting

Graphology Part II
1.  Choosing a specimen for handwriting analysis
2.  Formation of Letters
3.  Formation of Loops
4.  Formation of Initial and Terminal Strokes
5.  Formation of Letterforms
6.  Pen Strokes and Characteristics
7.  Width of letters
8.  Diminishing and Expanding Letters
9.  Capitals
10.  Signs of Reliability
11.  Signs of Unreliability
12.  Signature and Characters of Personality
13.  Illegibility
14.  Doodles
15.  Distinction Between Original and Disguised Handwriting
16.  Punctuation
17.  Signs of Stress
18.  Choice of Ink Color
19.  Styles of Numerals & Characters
20.  Detection of Forgery
21.  Specific Personality Characters
22.  Traits and abilities with Graphological signs
23.  Graphology and Matrimonial Relations
24.  Aptitude and Job Selection
25.  Diagnosis of Illness
26.  Prevention of Crime by Graphological Exercise
27.  Prevention and cure of alcoholism by psychographological exercise
28.  Prevention of Suicides by Psychographological exercise
29.  Conclusion

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M - 17, 6th Main road,
HAL 3rd Stage,
Jeevan Bheema Nagar,
Bangalore – 560 075,

Mob: 9844172104, 9964216879.  PH: 08025285476.

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Person : Rekha  
Phone : 08025285476
Mobile : 9844172104
Address : IGRC C/o. Integrated Quality Training Institute M - 17, 6th Main road, HAL 3rd Stage, Jeevan Bheema Nagar, Bangalore – 560 075, Karnataka.
Website : http://www.graphoresearch.com


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