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Posted on : Mar 14,2012

Turnstile is a mechanical device used to control a passage/location over entry and exit, typically consisting of several horizontal arms supported by and radially projecting from a central vertical post and allowing only the passage of individuals on foot.
To pass through a turnstile, it might be necessary to present an authorized identification or to make payment. Other similar structures keep a count of individuals that pass through. Turnstiles provide security, control crowds, prevent loss control, and control admission and/or access.
Turnstiles are used at a wide variety of settings, including stadiums, amusement parks, museums, mass transit stations, office lobbies, retail sites, cafeterias, temporary exhibits, ski resorts, casinos, airports and sporting events.The design of a turnstile allows only one person to pass through at a time. The initial function of a turnstile was for farmers, but not animals, to be allowed to pass through. Another use of a turnstile is to maintain pedestrian traffic in a single direction.

Most modern turnstiles are mechanical, which allows the arm to be rotated one direction but not the other.
Now, many turnstiles are electronic, and some operate with optical sensors that can scan tickets or badges.

Turnstiles come in various sizes, from waist height to full height versions, include Vertical Tripod Turnstile,
Waist Height Slim Tripod Turnstile, Waist Height Bridge Type Tripod Turnstile that are used for situations
requiring maximum security.

Our tripod turnstile provides a basic tripod to control access smoothly and effectively by basic operation,
and also prevent illegal in and out. The machine is well in design, rustproof, durable and can resist external destroy.
Our intelligent tripod turnstile are fully automatic, these fully automatic product can finish any work by power.
The arm will automatically drop when it is powered off. And the arm will automatically go up when power is turned on again.

1. Single/double walkway controlled in one direction or both.
2. A valid lock action can allow one passage at one time Normally open
the machine will unlock when a valid signal is received.
3. It will lock automatically if passage through turnstile is not completed within pre-set time,
the set time can be adjusted via parameter change.

For Emergency the tripod will drop automatically by power off to provide a clear walkway for escape in the event of an emergency

Interface: One standard port-RS485, Control panel with count and LED digital function
Traffic-light: A Red Cross symbol will illuminate to indicate the unit is not available for pass,
and a green arrow indicate the direction of allowable passing
Transit speed: 20-30 persons per minute
Work environment: Indoor/outdoor

We offer you solutions in Biometrics, RFID, Smart Card, Time and attendance, Access Control, Visitor management,
Canteen Management, Door Lock, Electronic Lock, Hotel Lock, Turnstile and different types of barriers.

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