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ACTIVE MUSICAL ENTERTAINERS is a leading Delhi based entertainment company providing superior musical services for weddings, parties, and all special events etc. The Company was initially started by an Octapad player and later on expanded its business services in the field of entertainment in entire India and overseas. They started providing entertainment services from the time when entertainment sources were limited. . We employ the finest musicians and singers in the Delhi (INDIA) - performers who share our vision and give you their all every time they play. ACTIVE MUSICAL ENTERTAINERS was founded on the principle that the music we play can have a profound effect on some of the most important events in people's lives, and as such should be a musically and visually exciting, dynamic, fun, and supremely entertaining experience.


Orchestra Band with Vocalists (Male/Female)
Rajasthani Folk Dancers
Indian Classical Music
Male Female DJs
Western Dancers (Spanish-Flamenco-Salsa Dancers, Russian/Siberian/Arabic Belly, Coyote)
Lights and Sound (JBL, Yamaha, OHM, Crown Professional Audio Systems)
Male Female Singers (Punjabi, Marwari, Rajasthani, Bihari, Pop, Hindi, English)
Dance Troupe (Indian Classical, Bhangra, Gidda, Western, Ganesh Vandana etc.)
Ghazal Night Singer
Rock / Jazz Band / Fusion / Indo Westren
Emcee ( Anchor )
Wedding Band Bajja
Live Stage Show
Delhi Best Fusion Band
Live Band (instrumental Orchestra)

We have all kind of instruments players:
Shehnai player, Sitar player, Sarangi player , Santur player , Flute player, Sarod, Male Female Piano player , Guitarist (Guitar player), Violin player, Mandolin, Tasha, Nagada, Jaltarang, Rabab player, Bango, Dhol player, Tabla player, Dholak player, Pakhawaj, Mridungam, Acoustic Drum player, Octapad, Congo, Bongo player, Thumba, Dholaki player Accordion, Bugle, Pipe Band, Bass Drum, Side Drum, Saxophone, Soprano, Synthesizer, Clarinet player, Cello player, Bagpipe player, Paino player, Trumpet, Tabla, Harmonium player

Specialites in Ladies Sangeet, Mehndi Ki Raat Delhi
( Ganesh Vandana, BANNA BANNI, Tel - Baan Ke Geet, Punjabi Folk Sagan ke Geet Rajasthani Folk Songs, Bhaat ke geet, Tappe Boliya, Sehra ke geet, Bhaat ke geet, Old and New Films songs, Shuhag ke Geet, Ghori ke geet, Marwari Songs, Lagan Ke Geet, Haldi ke Geet, Banna-Banni, Gidde )

We can provodie you various kind of music for all Occasion
Wedding, Ladies Sangeet - Mehndi Party , Birthday and Wedding Anniversaries , Cultural Activities, Inaugurations, Receptions and Cocktails, Sagan Ceremony (Tika), Corporate parties, Bhakti Sangeet (Jagran & Mata Ki Chowki), Bhaat, Geet Sangeet

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All kind of Musical & Entertainment programme please Contact
Contact: Mr. Verma
Mobile: 9711053553
Phone : 9313770610
Address : Janakpuri, Delhi
Website :







Ladies Sangeet (Mehndi Party) Delhi INDIA

We are specialist of Ladies Sangeet & Mehndi ki Raat. We have male & female singers, Dancers, Emcee (Anchor), choreographer  which can perform on music with Dholaki player and Orchestra band. group. We can perform following types of Songs (Geets) for Ladies Sangeet ocassion.We have done ladies sangeet for all region peoples like Punjabi, Sikh, Baniya, Sindhi, Rajasthani, Marwari, Muslim, Jain Families and all north indian communities.

  • Ganesh Vandana
  • Banaa - Banni
  • Tel - Baan Ke Geet
  • Punjabi Folk Songs (Geet)
  • Raat Jaaga
  • Rajasthani Folk Songs
  • Bhaat ke geet
  • Tappe Boliya
  • Sehra ke geet
  • Bhaat ke geet
  • Old and New Films songs
  • Shuhag ke Geet
  • Ghori ke geet
  • Marwari Songs
  • Lagan Ke Geet
  • Haldi ke Geet
  • Seetne
  • Non Stop Dandiya

We have also many type of dance performance for Ladies Sangeet (Mehndi Ki Raat)

  • Gidda Dancers troupe
  • Bhangra Group
  • Rajasthani Folk Dance
  • Dandiya
  • Westren Dancers
  • Bollywood Dancers
  • Haryanvi Dance





We have all kind of instruments players:

  • Shehnai player  Sitar player       Sarangi player
  • Santur player    Flute player       Sarod
  • Piano player      Guitar player     Violin player
  • Mandolin            Tasha                 Nagada
  • Jaltarang           Rabab                 Bango
  • Dhol player       Tabla player       Dholak player
  • Pakhawaj          Mridungam        Acoustic
  • Drum player     Octapad              Congo               
  • Bongo player    Thumba              Dholaki player
  • Accordion         Bugle                  Pipe Band
  • Bass Drum        Side Drum         Saxophone
  • Soprano            Synthesizer       Clarinet player
  • Cello player      Bagpipe player  Piano player
  • Trumpet             Tabla                 Harmonium



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[ Please mention when contacting ]

Person : Verma  
Phone : 9711053553
Mobile : 9711053553
Address : Meenakshi Garden, Janakpuri
Website :


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