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In India, several traditions are falling in. India is known to be the land of various traditions and within different parts of the country, several rituals are taken care of. One such is to have the prominence of Goseva. Goseva is one of those important prospects where people around are more indulged in respecting and honoring cows that are regarded as family members. The prominence of this is found in Telangana concerning Goseva where several rituals are being performed in the Jagadguru Peetham. Under the perception of Gosamrakshana, several rituals are being taken care of by the institutions such that people from around can visit and have their perfect time spent. By not just limiting the standard there is also variability that is highlighted where people can meet the expectations of having divine blessings and an ability to serve the animals that are present. Image Several highlights are being taken care of where people are provided with the entity of not just being able to visit Goseva but also by taking part in the procedures on the set of criteria to which several perceptions can be entitled. When several authorities are bringing about a few of the traditions into existence goes away stands as one of those where people are more delighted and are more prominent to visit it as and when required. Image Contact Address Sri Tri Jagadguru Peetham Madipadu Village, Atchampet Mandal, Guntur Dist-522409 srigoseva@gmail.com 9030218811 9030218822

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Posted on : Sep 20,2022
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