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Rotunda, the Center for Human Reproduction, in Mumbai, India, now under the leadership of the world renowned surrogacy & fertility expert Dr. Gautam Allahbadia, has been involved in the treatment of male and female infertility since 1963.

Rotunda, the Center for Human Reproduction, has all the facilities required to deliver a full range of services to couples requiring assistance conceiving. This ensures that patients are required to visit only one site for all stages of their diagnos

Reproductive Endoscopic Surgery including Fallopian Tube Recanalization     ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Center has surgeons highly skilled in

Problems that occur with a woman's reproductive organs sometimes cannot be found by a physical examination alone. Laboratory tests, Ultrasounds, X-Rays, may still leave some uncertainty. Frequently, problems that cannot be discovered by routine inves

Fallopian tube sperm perfusion is based on a pressure injection of 40ml sperm suspension with an attempt to seal the cervix to prevent semen reflux. It attempts to ensure a sperm flushing of the fallopian tubes and an overflowing of the inseminate in

Ultrasound technology has made dramatic advances in recent years. Ultrasound now offers infertile patients newer treatment options not available before. Modern surgical techniques have progressively become less and less invasive - all to the patient'

Almost anyone who has suffered a miscarriage or stillbirth worries about the risk of having subsequent losses. Recent information indicates that women should look into testing after two losses when it used to be common to wait until three. This is es

Deccan Fertility Clinic administers the following tests to determine problems of the male partner concerning inadequate or abnormal sperm production and delivery, anatomical problems, previous testicular injuries or hormonal imbalances. These tests a

Epididymal AspirationThis surgical procedure is indicated in cases of congenital absence of the vas deferens (the long tube through which sperm travel during ejaculation), although some males with a vasectomy or failed vasovasotomy are also c

Assisted Hatching  ( Jul 30,2010 )

Most people are familiar with the fact that most couples who reach the point in an ART cycle when embryos are transferred to the uterus, will not achieve a pregnancy. Even when presumably high quality, fertile eggs are used, such as in egg donation,


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